• Tax for Medium or Large Businesses


We see tax planning as a great opportunity. In no other area can good advice and planning save so much money.

Because we work so closely with our clients, we identify many opportunities for them to save money through astute tax planning. Our comprehensive tax planning service covers all stages of a company’s life cycle.

Inheritance Tax

With increased incomes and escalating house values, a great many more people are now liable to pay Inheritance Tax on death.

By the use of trusts and sound planning we can minimise the amount payable. This service is of particular value to property owners and those having listed investments and shares in private companies.

We have a wealth of experience to help make this an optional tax.

Corporate Tax

With us, you can relax in the knowledge that DJH corporate tax planning support will reduce your tax liabilities wherever possible and our tax accountants will take care of all tax reporting obligations – saving you time, worry and money.

With our technical expertise we can help with:

  • Routine compliance work for Corporation Tax including self-assessment returns
  • Tax implications of business decisions
  • Minimising tax liabilities by planning before the year end
  • Value Added Tax
  • National Insurance

Personal Taxation

On the personal side, many people are still surprised how the professional handling of their tax affairs can bring about significant savings.

Our objectives are to:

  • Minimise your liabilities to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and National Insurance
  • Provide a schedule of the due dates to pay your tax liabilities
  • Plan tax-efficient remuneration strategies for company directors

Capital Gains Tax

Any change in circumstances that causes the disposal of assets can cause exposure to Capital Gains Tax.

However, good planning can greatly reduce the liability. DJH aims to ensure that clients maximise their potential wealth; however, the compliance issues associated with running a business cannot be overlooked. DJH takes the worry out of financial reporting.

We understand our clients’ operations, their industry and the issues they face, which enables us to provide them with relevant advice.